Dzongkha is the national language of Bhutan and it was the language of the Ngalops of western Bhutan. Originally, Dzongkha is the language of Sha-Wang-Paa- Sum; the language spoken in three districts of Wangdiphodrang, Thimphu and Paro.

Literally, Dzongkha means the language spoken in the monasteries and Dzongs or administrative centres in all the 20 districts of Bhutan.

Due to the isolation of villages and cut off by might mountains there are over twenty two languages in Bhutan.

Beside our national language Dzongkha, there are other two major languages; Tshanglakha and Lhotshampakha. Tshanglakha is the native language of sharchokpas spoken in the eastern Bhutan and Lhotshampakha is spoken by the southern border of Bhutan by Nepalese immigrants.

Other dialects are Bumtangpekha, Khenkha, Kurtopkha and Mangdepkha spoken by inhabitants of Bumthang, Zhemgang, Lhuentsi and Trongsap people of central Bhutan.

The Tamangs, Lepchas and Damtey are dialects spoken in southern Bhutan. Bjobikha and Dabikha are dialects spoken by inhabitants of mountain areas of Northern Bhutan like Lhayap, Merak and Sakten. Cho Cha Nga Chang, which is spoken by the Kurtoeps.